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SHINYU Lighting- The Most Cost-Effective Anti-Explosive LED

SHINYU Lighting- The Most Cost-Effective Anti-Explosive LED

◆SHINYU Lighting LED Anti-Explosive lights Specification Table

(Apply for 95% of hazardous area)

◆SHINYU Lighting LED Anti-Explosive lights, the feature of product :

I、The best heat dissipation design
It is made by extruding 6063 high-heat-conducting aluminum material and heat-conducting quickly. The specially designed fins and convection nozzles do not accumulate dust, have high heat-dissipating ability, and have low light decay.

II、Elasticity installation design
Standard 1/2 ~ 3/4 NPT internal and external teeth stainless steel explosion-proof joints, can be elastically selected, wall-mounted installation, column pipe, column installation, no need to change the bracket, just add a fixed piece.

III、Microcavity structure design
The micro-cavity is pressure-proof and explosion-proof, the cavity is smaller, the detonation force is smaller, safer and lighter.
Suitable for Zone 1, Zone 2 hazardous locations.

IV、Power die casting design
The power supply is designed by die-casting and explosion-proof. It is suitable for full voltage (90-295VAC) and has greater flexibility. It can withstand voltage fluctuations more than single-voltage products. Multiple (overcurrent / voltage / temperature / short circuit) Power protection design, full voltage use, protection class IP68, safe, use long.

V、Unique packaging and chip making technology
Patented low-temperature COB package light source with high light efficiency, low radiation heat, high reliability and high stability.

VI、Lightweight design
Designed with a pressure-resistant explosion-proof (d) and molded explosion-proof (m) composite explosion-proof structure, the smallest volume and the lightest weight.

VII、Explosion-proof grade cost-effective
Certified by CNS gas explosion-proof: Ex dm IIC T5 Gb;
Dust explosion-proof certification: Ex tD A21 IP68 T120 °C Db.
Certificate No.: (ISTI) 2018 No. 07-00007X, the explosion-proof grade has the highest price.

◆SHINYU Lighting LED Anti-Explosive lights - Natural gas plant, petrochemical plant performance