Quality Policy 

Shinyu Light Quality Policy

We believe that “process is the key to making quality visible” and thus pay attention to every part of the process in order to strictly monitor and control every step. When problems are detected, we review them immediately and take real-time corrective and preventive actions, in order to continuously enhance product quality and reliability for total customer satisfaction.

We promote the effective division of labor, respect work relationships between one another, encourage reasonable management, effectively boost morale and reduce employee attrition, and thereby stabilize product quality and reduce the defective rate of products. We aim to create a good work environment with quality to match, and march toward becoming a successful enterprise and a leading brand.

The 5S compaign is promoted for onsite management

Seiri (sorting): Sort out the “wants” and “unwants” in the workplace and remove all the “unwants”.
Seieon (setting in order): Anybody can get anything he/she needs at any time.
Seiso (sweeping): Keep the workplace clean, including places that can and cannot be seen.
Seiketsu (standardizing): Enhance work efficiency among employees for enforcing the 5S.
Shitsuke (self-disciplining): Develop the habit of discipline and follow discipline.

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